Who reads this shit anyway? Oh? if that’s the case, then why bother to write it?

One of the saddest images in the world is that of the person who has thrown a party, yet no one has come. In fact, this fear is so great, so strong, so devastating, that even the #socalledpresident, the man commanding the world’s most powerful military,  a man who truly believes that he is the pinnacle of human evolution, lives in such dread of it and its implications that he’s willing to drop everything else and obsess about it in front of the entire world. I guess the only thing sadder would be if he tried to throw a party every day, and the same Groundhog Day Fiesta Flop kept recurring.

But that’s not why we’re here today.

The editorial staff of the Meta-Bug was in crisis the other day. We were looking at our numbers for March, and while some of us were rejoicing over our biggest month ever, others were saying, Hey, look, bozos, you had a total of 900 views. One month, 900 views, which means even fewer visitors. And half of those were probably family. So big deal. If someone’s kid had his whole high school look at one single post on one single day (suggested post: kitten videos combined with pictures of a young Sophia Loren), that would have beaten the entire number for March by a more than double. To look at it another way, there were just 29 views per day in our busiest month ever. More people in just Framingham look at their Kleenex each to see if they have a sinus infection, and probably found analyzing their nasal discharge more interesting than reading our constant complaints about the country going to hell in a handbasket, occasionally interspersed  with new and astounding revelations that divorce takes a toll.

We thought about this. We agonized about this. We pondered: Is all this writing and rewriting worth doing? Does the effort make any difference? Then, we all retired to the backyard to cry,  while pretending to rake the leaves that we were too distracted to deal with last fall.   Our answer: Of course it makes no difference!

But using logic here at the Meta-Bug is hardly our standing operating procedure. Nor, for that matter, is wise allocation of the limited amount of time we have on this earth.  It appears that we do what we will, and let the buffalo chips fall where they may.  (Generally, right next to the bowl of extra-picante bile salsa we are eating. Yum!)

Well, damn the torpedoes. We have decided to carry on. People practice their instruments for years and never get on stage. They have fun doing the practicing, and do not worry about people pointing to their accordion lessons and say, Aha! Evidence of a Crazed and Diseased Mind! And that’s the reason we wrote this post in the first place, right?

Happy Monday! We hope the weather, wherever you are,  is suitable for turning grapes into raisins!


12 thoughts on “Who reads this shit anyway? Oh? if that’s the case, then why bother to write it?

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    1. And thanks for reading. In the end, I think the act of writing is pleasurable in and of itself, and it does help me clarify my thoughts. My parents and my sisters read every post, and because I live far from all off them, it keeps us in touch and often provides the germ of a conversation. You should read today’s article in the NY Times on how Uber uses technology to keep drivers on the road. Are the stats for us, or for us to keep WordPress.com alive? Just a thought. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/04/02/technology/uber-drivers-psychological-tricks.html?action=click&contentCollection=Opinion&module=Trending&version=Full&region=Marginalia&pgtype=article

  1. Do what you love. If you love writing, the numbers don’t matter. I have no where near 900 views, but I write, almost every day. I do it because I write whether people see or like it or not, it’s cathartic, it’s honest, it’s real. I do it because I must. Numbers and likes are not what matters. Creativity for the sake of creativity is enough.

  2. My favorite of all time comment about my blog was when I asked someone if I could take a picture of her dog relaxing at a campground. At first she said no because blah, blah, internet, blah, blah which I interpreted, most likely correctly, as “I stole the dog. I don’t want its picture on the internet.” I told her I was going to feature her dog in my blog. And she said, “Oh. Your blog. Well that’s okay then. Who reads it, your best friend and your daughter?” [Well, yeah! But they view it a couple of times, too.]

  3. Totally relatable. Obsess about the stats daily. Sometimes they are a blessing other times a curse. thanks for writing this. I may not feel as crazy next time I think the same things. lol

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