FYI, the Backsteet Boys Were Once Nominated for a Grammy Album of the Year

The Who never was.

Led Zeppelin never was.

Joe Satriani was. 15 times. But he never won.

Katy Perry? 0 for 13 (which is alright by me).

Bob Dylan was, but not for Highway 61 Revisited or Blood on the Tracks.

The Captain and Tennille were nominated for Song of the Year. Really.

Neil Diamond–Neil fucking Diamond–was nominated for Song Sung Blue. which might be the only song he wrote that was worse than Sweet Caroline (and at least Song Sung Blue doesn’t ruin every single eighth inning at Fenway Park). Or maybe his worst song was I Am I Said. No, I think it was Play Me. . .

Beyonce didn’t get her Grammy for racial reasons? It may be true, partially. But I don’t think that her skin color or her questioning of the system is the necessary and sufficient element in denying her  a meaningless trophy. My proof? I got none. I have no idea what goes on in the heads of those morons. If we really want to give an Album of the Year award, we should probably have a five-year waiting period. Sometimes the Grammys get it right  (or close enough), like with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  Other times, they just get it completely wrong, like with Billy Joel’s 52nd Street (let the arrows start to fly, Piano Man lovers).

And in the end,  I really don’t get why anyone cares. We give stupid awards ceremonies more weight when we say they matter. The Meta-Bug staff, to a person, hasn’t watched an awards ceremony in years. Apparently, the unintentional boycott has not affected the viability of the institutions.






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my brain hurts… need rest… Shabbat Shalom to you Jake Turx, Twittler owes you an apology,jake-turxShabbat Shalom to you, Jared Kushner, in spite of all the evidence that you won’t do the right thing, we still hope you dokushner-shabbat

Shabbat Shalom to you, Sheldon Adelson,have a great time hosting the Cheneys next weekend, you embarrassment to the Tribe,

and well, Stephen Miller, I don’t really care what kind of Shabbat you have.


What I Threw Out Today

A Clear Modem. Worthless. They are offered for pennies on eBay. I found this in an unpacked box, 2 years after I moved into this house.


This is actually a very sad picture. I associate this modem with a very hard time in my life, as well as the devious actions of those who wished me harm. Good fucking riddance.