(Social) Media Shabbat

Friday night dinner,  scattered and smothered. See ya tomorrow night with a whole new set of complaints.  On second thought, they’ll probably just be new iterations of old ones . IMG_0274

Polaroid of the day

One the left, the pinhole camera Polaroid version; on the right, the iPhone photo

One of the things that I find most disconcerting about the Impossible Project Polaroid film is how slow it develops. Instant photography was made for instant gratification. In a digital photo world, 30 minutes is an eternity. You really won’t have any idea how your shot came out for at least that long under normal circumstances. They may have some film that develops faster, but the stuff I’ve been using specifies a half-hour wait-time. I’ve found that by putting the developing picture on a warm lamp that it speeds up the process considerably, but I’m not really sure how it is affecting the quality of the final result. Yesterday’s picture was developed this way, and it’s not bad, in comparison with the other shots I’ve taken. The color is a bit off, but I think that’s due more to the film’s age than the extra heat applied to develop it. The 600 ASA (remember that, filmies?) is a bit grainy when enlarged.

The Story of Noah

IMG_0234…and Noah built a big boat, because his neighbors had boats, and he wanted a bigger one. Not to mention his wife was a crazy animal lady, always taking in more strays, even though everything they  owned smelled like cat pee.

And his sons were pranksters. They put holes in everyone else’s boats.

It started to rain, and all the animals went to Noah’s boat. Anything that didn’t get on the boat, including people, was eaten by a big black cat, which is why, to this day, people are scared of black cats.


Rain Delay at Wrigley.jpg
Rain Delay at Wrigley. You can’t leave the part and come back, ie, you must spend your money here for the next 4 hours. Welcome to the Friendly Confinement!

OR: Make yourself the frosty one while the 35 mph wind circles around the stands. The editorial staff of the Meta-Bug recommends watching it on TV.

Truth be told, we recommend that you sell your season tickets, don’t go to individual games, and watch at a local bar. Fuck MLB and the owners. We love baseball, but they are playing you for suckers.

Mac Photos vs iPhoto: Has Anyone Else Noticed That Using Pictures Has Become More Difficult?

I had intended to make my best post ever this evening, but instead I got caught up in that endless annoying loop when you try to solve a computer problem but everything just keeps getting worse.

Is it just me, or has using photos and sharing them between your iPhone and computer become excruciatingly more of a pain in the ass? Is iCloud missing some photos, inexplicably? When you go to post a picture to your blog or a website is it harder to locate? Do you find yourself having to go through more steps to get a picture from one place to another?

How many ways can there be to have a photo album? Is the organization of pictures such a complicated thing that it will be necessary for Apple to constantly tweak a process that was far better than adequate? Do we have to spend time relearning to do the basic stuff, thereby taking time away from learning more powerful uses for computers, or just having more free time to develop products that help the Drumpf supporters treat the wounds they get from their knuckles dragging on the ground (we are nothing, if not compassionate)?

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