Polaroid of the Day

This was taken with a 1/2 hour exposure using the 0.18 mm pinhole and a 50 mm focal length on a Zero Image 45 camera. This is expired gold border color film. This picture was enhanced by the Photo app on a MacBookPro. The original is below. This is my Yamaha C7 Piano. I rested it on the corner of the instrument while I practiced. The overexposed area up to the left is the piano light . You can make out the strings, the lid, and the music stand. The original is below it.

Polaroid of the Day, piano, enhanced


(Social) Media Shabbat

The onslaught never stops, but, hey,  we all need a break.

See you tomorrow night, maybe Sunday.

Get some rest, go do something fun, and just get some  joy from being  in the presence of those you love.

Any parent gets this one.

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