Polaroid of the day

One the left, the pinhole camera Polaroid version; on the right, the iPhone photo

One of the things that I find most disconcerting about the Impossible Project Polaroid film is how slow it develops. Instant photography was made for instant gratification. In a digital photo world, 30 minutes is an eternity. You really won’t have any idea how your shot came out for at least that long under normal circumstances. They may have some film that develops faster, but the stuff I’ve been using specifies a half-hour wait-time. I’ve found that by putting the developing picture on a warm lamp that it speeds up the process considerably, but I’m not really sure how it is affecting the quality of the final result. Yesterday’s picture was developed this way, and it’s not bad, in comparison with the other shots I’ve taken. The color is a bit off, but I think that’s due more to the film’s age than the extra heat applied to develop it. The 600 ASA (remember that, filmies?) is a bit grainy when enlarged.

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