Today, a Pseudonym-ed Commenter Told Me to ‘Go to Hell’

The comment was in response to my last post, where I said that #45 had bugged the phones of anyone who ever tweeted ‘#notmypresident’, and then snidely remarked that there is no way anyone can disprove it. It’s the laziest and most obnoxious form of argument in the world (that was my point), because it’s impossible to disprove a negative.

The post was in response to #45’s completely unsupportable and absurd tweet that Trump Tower was bugged by the Obama administration. The tweet appears to be more a child’s lashing out than a well-founded accusation based on evidence.

Someone on WordPress found the post, and told me, simply, to go to hell.

I have to admit I was, and am still disturbed by this. A total stranger, someone who knows neither me nor my friends and family, wishes me dead, ostensibly for having a strong opinion that he or she doesn’t like. Hardly anybody reads this third-rate blog. It serves mostly as what I think of as my Walt Whitman space, but far less eloquent, poorly reasoned, and if it were on paper it would be guilty of the old insult, “not worth the paper it’s printed on.” (Let it be said in its favor, it does have bad pictures to go with it.) Yet someone found it, and then was so incensed by what I wrote that s/he wants me to not only die , but suffer in eternity as well.

I didn’t approve the comment for publication under the post for the simple reason that there are plenty of places on the internets where people can hurl invective at each other; it’s not my responsibility to provide more.

But I do have to admit: I am disturbed by this and wonder what the something is that’s happening here.

To the person who expressed the nasty sentiment: I have little doubt that I am–at least according to the criteria listed by many of the world’s residents–going there immediately upon my demise.

9 thoughts on “Today, a Pseudonym-ed Commenter Told Me to ‘Go to Hell’

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  1. It’s probably healthy to verbalize disagreements. But I kinda think the argument should be about whatever the argument is about (the issue) and not the persons you disagree with.
    The Donald has reduced us all to our lowest common denominator

    1. Unfortunately, it does it to me more than I would like. That being said, the accusation that Obama bugged Drumpf Tower–without offering a scintilla of evidence, not even an “unnamed source”–is bringing us scarily close to crazyland, if not already crossing the border.

  2. We crossed the boarder too Crazyland a long time ago. We are alive and well and currently living in the capital city. With the Russians are coming on one side and the next Watergate trial on the other I can only guess where we will be in four years. My only hope is Gorsuch gets confirmed and protects my 2nd Amendment rights. I have a feeling I’m going to need them.
    By the way very nice blog page.

  3. I want to apologize profusely for what I said to you. It was stupid, uncalled or and has bothered me since. I know you won’t believe me but I am not always like that to attack someone I don’t know. You won’t care I’m sure, but I was a Democrat for 30+ years, knew I would never vote for Hillary, and because tell party has changed so much from the Kennedy Democrat positions I left. I should have never told anyone, because the insults to me started and never stopped. I chose to use my vote and have been ridiculed and cursed by my Democratic “friends” since. I apologize for taking my anger out on you. I have been stewing from an encounter with a Democrat and jumped on you. I have no excuse. I just want you to know this activity has just not come from my new party. I have been saving tweets from Democrats of death threats to Trump, Pence and other cabinet members, and they are not few. Had I known my vote would have caused me problems, as I said, I would have kept it secret. No, you are not going to go to Hades. I had followed your blog a while ago and you seem to be a good person. As I said, I do apologize profusely.

  4. Darn spell-checker: should be “uncalled *for” “*theparty”. Thought I had gotten all the errors.

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