My blocked list on Facebook is getting longer

I don’t block people because they’re idiots. I block people because if I don’t, I waste my time arguing with idiots. Which makes me an idiot, of sorts.


Here’s what led to today’s blocked user:

Victor Urecki

What does my daughter Zahava, who lives in DC, and Sarah Palin have in common?

Answer: Both can see Russia from their house.

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Tifney Terry-Franks Just about as funny as Obama who claimed to visit all 57 states.

Richard Lerner One was a misspeak. The other was a blatant attempt at self-puffery. Please examine your biases.

Tifney Terry-Franks
Tifney Terry-Franks Right. My biases. What a joke.

Richard Lerner
Richard Lerner My point exactly. You don’t even think you have any, which is the definition of bias.
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Tifney Terry-Franks
Tifney Terry-Franks What bias Richard Lerner? Please feel free to enlighten all as you seem so all knowing? In this scenario only please.

Richard Lerner
Richard Lerner The fact that you conflate a statement where someone clearly misspoke with a prepared talking point that borders on the ridiculous pretty much says it all. If you can’t see the failure of the logic that allows that then it would be like me trying to explain music to the tone-deaf.

Tifney Terry-Franks
Tifney Terry-Franks Right. He clearly misspoke. Amusing how liberals misspeak and conservatives are just stupid in the eyes of a liberal. I am not the one tone deaf sir.

Richard Lerner
Richard Lerner Prepared idiocy vs. misspeaking? What on earth don’t you get? That you CAN’T get it really shows where you are coming from.

Richard Lerner
Richard Lerner And now I have to block you, because I’m wasting my time arguing with the tone deaf. Really, it’s not you. It’s me.

Tifney Terry-Franks
Tifney Terry-Franks No I get it. You like others want to discredit Palin at face value because you think she is stupid/ignorant. Shows where you are coming from, she is not a stupid or an ignorant person.

Block me as you please. It will have no impact on me or my day.

Nahla Nimeh-Lewis
Nahla Nimeh-Lewis Please block her, I don’t need to feel so dismayed by a country I voluntarily adopted and loved I shall also do the same

James C. Summers
James C. Summers This post is funny ! I might be on the same side of the political spectrum as you , Tifney ! You don’t have to return every volley . Chalk this one up as a loss !
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Richard Lerner
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