Trump’s remarks on Black History Month


Official transcript of remarks:

“I’d like to think about some black people that were very, very  important in my life.

“Michael Jackson, maybe my favorite black person, he was a big, big fan of Trump and the Trump empire, we were going to work on some projects when he was tragically killed by his doctor. His doctor, do you know, graduated magna cum laude and was the son of poor farmers? You see what black people can do when they’re not getting handouts from lying Hillary and her friends?

“Then there’s Sheriff David Clarke, who predicted I would get more of the black vote than Romney, he was right, I got 8% while loser Romney only got 6%. That’s a 33% increase! He’s not politically correct. We’re tired of politically correct. David, great guy, he says things not politically correct about the black community, which in Wisconsin, let me tell you, takes a tremendous amount of guts. Tremendous amount. Clarke likes me, a terrific guy. I wanted to make him National Sheriff. I might still.

“But, hey,  this is about history.

“Who can remember childhood without Aunt Jemima? I can’t! Best pancakes, teriffic syrup, ever. Bigly . I was so happy to have those pancakes in the morning. I even called the black women who served me “Aunt Jemima”. It also made it easy because I could use one name for all of them. Those ladies were terrific, they really loved me.

“And entertainment? When Americans started having talking movies, what was the first one? The Jazz Singer. We had Al Jolson, who by the way was Caucasian and Jewish, I also like Jews, I hired my Jewish son-in-law Jared to be an advisor, I really wanted him for treasurer, but .. Anyway, when Al Jolson sang in the movies what did he do? That’s right, he put on blackface. That’s how much we admire black people, that when the first person sings in movies, that person should be black, even if they’re not.

“Bill Cosby. Who has done more to make Black people look like real Americans than the Huxtables? Except for Omorosa who I think actually had more TV viewers than Cosby, I know I read that somewhere.

“Look around. There are African-Americans everywhere. They have been at the forefront of sports. They have worked for Trump organizations. They even worked at my casinos, which means I was able to teach them to count money almost as well as Jews, as well as helping them not be lazy, and it’s really sad that they’re born with that laziness trait, but I’m willing to help them with this disability and do I ever get credit? No, the fake news stations just try to make it look like I have a bad relationship with the blacks.

“And peanuts! Would peanuts exist if George Washington Carver hadn’t invented them? What would American kids eat for lunch ? He does great work, that Professor Carver. Lots of people say so. I think we will be seeing more and more of him.  And it shows that Black people can overcome their laziness and make something of themselves. Entertainers, sports figures. Boxers. But not tenants. They don’t make good tenants. Don’t rent to them. Unless the court forces you to. Then do it. But don’t admit wrongdoing.


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