Why, Some of My Best Friends Are Conservative


This isn’t really about public health, but I couldn’t help myself. What follows is a transcript of an ongoing Facebook “conversation.”


Laurie is referring to this:


  • Laurie Dee I usually avoid HuffyPoo due to its extremely liberal content and malicious bloggers, but this was a good video and this kid did a great job speaking. Civil unions are okay in my book, marriage is for one woman and one man, and at least one of my gay friends agrees with me. I also think capable and responsible gays can raise kids. There’s my 2 cents.Yesterday at 4:44pm · LikeUnlike
  • Richard Lerner Yeah, I avoid conservative sites for the same reason: I wouldn’t want to listen to anyone whose opinion is too opposed to mine–it might challenge my invincible belief in my own rectitude. As for marriage: A secular country such as ours should ONLY have civil unions, gay or straight. If someone feels the need to have their union blessed by whatever deity in order to call it marriage, our wonderfully free country is full of churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, etc. all too happy to oblige.22 hours ago · LikeUnlike
  • Richard Lerner And I believe that even capable and responsible straight people can raise children, too.22 hours ago · LikeUnlike
  • Laurie Dee
    No Richard, HuffyPoo is the worst liberal site (besides Mudflats). Some of their bloggers at those sites have been directly involved in a shady campaign to take out a certain politician, a campaign that includes libel, slander, and the fil…ing of numerous baseless ethics complaints costing that politician’s state millions in having to defend those false charges.I listen to and read opinions opposite of mine all the time, daily, to be exact.

    The issue here is about gays raising kids, that is why I did not mention capable and responsible straight people.See More

    22 hours ago · LikeUnlike

  • Richard Lerner No, the issue is equal rights for all Americans, and making the argument about the message, not the messenger.20 hours ago · LikeUnlike
  • Laurie Dee The issue is about him speaking out against the resolution that would end civil unions, which I support, as I stated in my initial comment, and not trying to argue here. Of course, equal rights for all, and you’re the one first arguing about the messenger. I complimented the messenger on this one. Enuff said already.17 hours ago · LikeUnlike
  • Richard Lerner ‎”you said it first!” Sounds like my kids. “Huffypoo” isn’t commenting about the messenger?17 hours ago · LikeUnlike
  • Gady Zeewy I love the name HuffyPoo! The next time I use it, I will give you full credit Mrs. Dee.7 hours ago · LikeUnlike
  • Laurie Dee
    So what Richard, my short name for that hateful site, derived from my experience with some of the bloggers over there who make up lies which certain media then report as truths. Yes, a mere brief comment, then I commended the video that Hu…ff put up. You commented against Conservative sites and rambled on. The argumentative tone portrayed by the liberals like yourself at HuffyPoo is shown not only on the posts but along with the poor behavior of its liberal leader when getting on and off planes, as evidenced by Arianna’s refusal to turn off her cell phone, necessitating taking police away from their real duties to have to come and deal with her defiance. If you don’t like my conservative “rants”, even though it really wasn’t, maybe you should know my gay stepson also is not in support of gay marriage either (not to mention at least one of my gay friends as I said yesterday). As far as civil unions go, I agree and let’s leave it at that, or do you still need to argue like a 2 year old just like 85% of the liberals with whom I speak? That is why there is such a great divide between the two parties. No one on either side seems to want to budge from their positions and that is sad because our government will never change for either party the way things are now.Gady, you’re very welcome, buddy. We miss you, time to get together soon.See More
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  • Richard Lerner Yes, yes I do need to argue like a 2 year old. Also, I take full responsibility for the great divide between the two parties.I don’t begrudge conservatives their opinion. Why, some of my best friends are conservative.

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