Off Wisconsin: Fighting Drumpf at the State Level

So many boycott targets. . .

I really hate to take things out on the employees of companies and residents of states. Who gets hurt? Do the boycotts make any difference?

I don’t have the answers to these questions, and I’d like my behavior to be based on facts rather than feelings. I also believe that engagement is better than stand-off, but I also have decreasing faith in the ability of certain fellow Americans to substantively engage in political discourse. The unshakable belief that Obama is a Muslim traitor, that FEMA has concentration camps, that Cheetolini is a good businessman don’t augur well for enlightenment.

So what to do? Unfortunately, we’re in that position, where in addition to the rational stuff–peaceful protest followed by actions that impede the growth of the plutocrcay–has to be supplemented by those actions, which is successful, can bring about consequences to those who would rather smite us than compromise us. By “us” I mean the left, the liberals, the progressives, the patriots who repudiate nationalism, those of us who see that we have often failed to live up to our ideals and that to be great we must continually strive to be great.

Who should we target? The list  of states I don’t want to spend my money in grows ever longer. North Carolina seems particularly deserving of being shunned, in light of the recent legislative coup attempt by losers who refuse to accept the outcome of an election. Mississippi? A perennial target, and as long as it continues to glorify the Confederacy, it’s certainly worth avoiding on my list of potential convention sites. (On the other hand, I’ve never been to Mississippi, and I hardly know anyone who has ever visited there, so it’s not like they’ll notice my absence.)

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North Dakota, for the governor’s fascist response to peaceful, unarmed protest? Wyoming, for choosing Lucifer’s spawn for their one congressperson?

Naaah, I’m going for the Big Cheese. Yup, Wisconsin. America’s Former Dairyland.

I am picking Wisconsin as the state to avoid, boycott, shun, shame and otherwise put to the bottom of the list.

In a later post, I’ll explain why. But you can guess at one of the reasons…markymunster210

Why Green Bay Lost Last Season, Tom Brädy,

 It’s still baseball season, fortunately. 

cheesehead bra

Ahhh, fall .The time when the kids return to their academic prisons, the weather starts to turn rotten (though the 90+ temperatures of the last 2 days may fool us into thinking that winter is still far off), our consumption of fossil fuels goes up here in the Northeast, and selfish Bostonians start rooting in the basement for the old chair they think will entitle them to a spot of public property just because they were stupid enough to park their before a snow storm. (News alert: I am stealing your space savers this year.)

And football. I annually give thanks that my son did not want to participate in that sport where some much larger, overfed kid with violent tendencies (encouraged by coaches and parents) would slam into his head, causing him to both lose IQ points and possibly become more psychologically troubled than his mother and I are already going to make him.(It’s  due to our remarkable inability to coparent, and it’s mostly her fault, mind you).

Football season in New England sucks. (This year, fortunately, the Red Sox have been so awful that natives have actually stopped talking about it, which is good, because they are ignoramuses when it comes to matters west of the 72nd meridian, where most of  the cool stuff usually happens.) Now I have to see Bill Belichek’s sour expression on newspapers and TV for the next four months. And hear about Tom Brady on NPR. NPR! I listen to NPR so I don’t have to hear about him.  Here’s a dork, who in a move worthy of Richard Nixon bugging Democratic National Headquarters, conspires to deflate footballs. Only the permafrost brains her in New England believe he’s innocent. Actually, they’re probably the only ones who care.  (If Brady were such a nice guy, he and Ms. Bündchen  would have just donated money to Pine Manor College instead of scooping up its real estate in a fire sale, just so they could build yet another monument to their success.) I wonder if the judge on that case went to bed lamenting that he went to law school so he could referee millionaires quibbling over cheating at a kids’ game.


As for last season’s NFC final, the Packers should have won. They were not terribly outplayed in the second half, but a series of bad decisions and missed opportunities combined to create a situation where the hopes of millions of Wisconsinites were flushed down the drain, like so much waste from a dairy barn at cleanup time. But Wisconsinites have been making some pretty bad decisions in general, lately.  I personally think that forces in universe moved against the Packers because they were punishing Wisconsin for the abomination that is Scott Walker. But who knows.


maybe G-d is just lactose intolerant.

A poor excuse for a blog post, but read it anyway

David Broder, dead at 81

Today on NPR, I listened to a very brief obituary for David Broder, the Washington Post columnist. (Remember, under my own rules of “Conservative for a Month” I am allowed to listen to NPR in the car so I don’t get road rage? If you don’t like my rules, go write your own damn blog that no one reads.) What I was moved by was the eulogizer’s praise of Broder’s ability to listen. She recounted how Broder would go from door-to-door in a town and actually ask residents about their views. In a sound clip, Broder, with good humor recounted how people would feel sorry for him, seeing an old man traipse around in all kinds of weather, and many of them would invite him for a cup of tea. I smile as I read this, seeing Broder’s old face, knowing that we’ll all be there soon, and hoping that I will be able to use my age good-naturedly for some positive purpose other than getting a seat on the bus or being excused for passing gas without seeming to care.

Therefore, in honor of David Broder and the virtue and art of listening,  I bring you snippets from the conservative sites I’ve been visiting lately.(That’s why this post is such a poor excuse–I merely copy and paste and then praise myself by calling it “listening.”)

I was debating whether or not to provide links to the sites. At first I figured that I didn’t want to increase their traffic even one iota, but in the end I decided that context was more important.


I apologize for the editorializing caption. Blame Chris Matthews, not me.

It’s a message narcissistic journalists need to hear again. A decade ago, Heston chastised the media in a National Press Club speech for its collective ignorance, apathy and open hostility toward gun owners’ rights:

“Clearly, too many have used freedom of the press as a weapon not only to strangle our free speech, but to erode and ultimately destroy the right to keep and bear arms, as well. In doing so, you promoted your profession to that of constitutional judge and jury, more powerful even than our Supreme Court, more prejudiced than the Inquisition’s tribunals. It is a frightening misuse of constitutional privilege, and I pray that you will come to your senses and see that these abuses are curbed.”

Alas, Heston’s prayers have yet to be answered. While courts have recently bolstered Second Amendment rights, endangering gun owners in the name of free speech continues to be the blood sport of the Fourth Estate.

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Walker’s calm comportment in this crisis is reminiscent of President Reagan’s during his 1981 stand against the illegal strike by air traffic controllers, and Margaret Thatcher’s in the 1984 showdown with the miners’ union over whether unions or Parliament would govern Britain. Walker, by a fiscal seriousness contrasting with Obama’s lack thereof, and Obama, by inciting defenders of the indefensible, have made three things clear:

First, the Democratic Party is the party of government, not only because of its extravagant sense of government’s competence and proper scope, but also because the party’s base is government employees. Second, government employees have an increasingly adversarial relationship with the governed. Third, Obama’s “move to the center” is fictitious.

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(My favorite part is the reference to “Mary the Riveter.”)

Can we go through this again?  What we have here is a money laundering operation.  You have public sector employees.  They are members of public unions.  These public unions support Democrats 95% to 100% of the time with money.  Who pays the salaries of state unionized employees?  Taxpayers do.  Not some evil CEO fat cat.  Joe Six-Pack.  Joe the Plumber.  Whoever it is, Mary the Riveter.  These people living in Wisconsin, their taxes hire and pay the salaries of public sector unions which are already twice as high as what they make.  Then, the dues from these union workers go to the Democrat Party.  So the dues originate in the wages earned by private citizens.  So it’s Joe Six-Pack and Joe the Plumber and all the other taxpayers in Wisconsin whose money is going to the Democrat Party via a money laundering operation through the unions.  That’s what’s happening, pure and simple.  That’s the real question.  That’s what’s going on.

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