What I Threw Out Today

A Clear Modem. Worthless. They are offered for pennies on eBay. I found this in an unpacked box, 2 years after I moved into this house.

This is actually a very sad picture. I associate this modem with a very hard time in my life. Good fucking riddance.

What I Threw Out Today, part IV

Once upon a time, Abercrombie and Fitch was a fancy-schmancy sporting goods store. Y’know, with that Adirondack camp, WASPy type feel to it . IMG_1775

That company folded in 1977.

When I was in 5th grade, my dad took me on a father-son fishing trip along with another couple of dads and their sons.  abercrombie2

The trips were great, though. I loved the woods, the lakes, and being away with my dad. Is that why that shirt is still among my things? Odd thing is that it is almost assuredly a hand-me-down. I never went shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch. Also, having something from A&F was always a bit self-conscious, at least to me, and even at that age: those things were part of culture to which I didn’t belong.

For those of us who knew it when, it seemed so strange to see the name picked up by a store marketed to teens. Why that name? Clearly, it no longer had any real associations to anything. I cant stand the idea of paying to wear someone’s advertising, so I wouldn’t wear the stuff. But I’m not 16.


(I’m getting rid of this shirt, but it’s going into the giveaway box.Some lucky soul may find it at Savers or wherever.)



What I Threw Out Today

Postcard from Hanoi

Postcard from Hanoi

I wrote this postcard to my former wife. I don’t know what it’s doing in my stuff, but off to the dustbin of history it goes.  Even though I have to deal with her on a near-daily basis, I try not to think of the former wife, inasmuch as that is humanly possible. This side of the postcard says nothing–it could have been one of the postcards I sent to my children–but turn it over and there is the reminder of the biggest mistake of my life.

My best friend tried, too late and too unassertively, to convince me not to marry her. Let it be on the record that he saw the future that the rest of us would bear witness to (he died before I got divorced).

Anyway, I was back in Vietnam, the country where my son was born. Someday I will go there with him, and he can see it for himself. I hope he loves it as much as I did.

What I Threw Out Today

I jump on a trend.

We are all supposed to declutter. So I am going to try to throw out something every day of the year that I am at home.

Here is today’s:

Storage media of days past

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