Trolling the Trumpistas

I’ve spent a couple of weeks on Drumpf’s Facebook page. I try to remain as calm and as polite as possible. I make repeated attempts to engage rather than return the invective that I have received in abundance. I haven’t shied from pointing out to others that should  consider that they are not as smart or informed as they think they are, and that their opponents (not me) are  perhaps as smart and informed.

All I can come up with is that Trump’s supporters need to hate. They need an enemy. There is no reasoning. There is no demonstrable truth. I’m not just writing them off with “haters gonna hate”, because I think it 1) says nothing, and 2) signifies a refusal to seek other means of communicating. I do agree that a large core of Trump’s supporters will never change. But this is just too fucking scary to ignore.

Sometimes I try to have a little fun. I shouldn’t. The commenters seem to be frighteningly immune to humor, especially about themselves.


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