Where’s that F#@!ing Gr0uNdhog?!

It’s snowing. It is not pretty or scenic or quaint or anything like that.

OK, it’s not a lot of snow, at least for New England.

But I’ve done my time! I was here last year! I went to grad school in Wisconsin! I’m looking forward to global warming! I want to convert my snow blower into a go-kart and drive it over snow-free roads and fields, defiling the ecosystem and being a nuisance!

I  get my revenge on nature!



I am not shoveling or firing up the snow blower. It will be in the 40’s tomorrow, and I am going to let old Sol do the work.  Ya use your brains or ya use your back. I think my brain might might give out first, but at least I’ll be able to stand up and walk (as long as I’m not chewing gum, cf. Gerald Ford).

In  related events, the crew represented in  Goodfellas decided they had had enough and had our little friend did his own grave.

Groundhog caught in chicken pen, Chengdu, China - 06 Apr 2012
(Mandatory Credit: Photo by Quirky China News / Rex Features (1689244a) )

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