The Twittler Supporter’s Rationale: This is Our Last Best Chance to Say “Fuck You” To a Changing World We Can’t Deal With

Which is the primary reason Twittler supporters like him:


They relish, they love, they bask in the glow of being able to say “Fuck You!” for 8 years.They hate what they’ve become and they have found their scapegoats in liberals who envision a fairer and more decent view of America. It’s not that they have any evidence to think that Der GropenFührer is anything other than the huckster he has proven himself to be. They just hate liberals. They hate they idea that a few lazy people scam the system while multitudes are helped–It’s so much easier than looking at how the plutocrats control their lives. They love the idea that any worth they have in life is only due to solely their own pure virtue, and can disallow the idea that luck might have had something to do with where they are in life. They now don’t have to admit that their own difficulties are due to inequities they are powerless to fight, but can instead blame it on the misguided good will of others. They can revel in their greed, and the uber-Gordon Gekkos of the world will tell them that that is all just and right. They can inflict their religious prejudices upon the minority by playing the victim. They can indulge their gut feelings that their genes are at least better than someone else’s. When we go to war, and other Americans pay the price, they can stand up for “G-d Bless America,” say that they support the troops, and feel absolved for making others pay the price for their jingoism. This is the triumph of the selfish minority. When the masses realize, if ever, that they’ve been cheering their own exploitation, it will be too late.

Off Wisconsin: Fighting Drumpf at the State Level

So many boycott targets. . .

I really hate to take things out on the employees of companies and residents of states. Who gets hurt? Do the boycotts make any difference?

I don’t have the answers to these questions, and I’d like my behavior to be based on facts rather than feelings. I also believe that engagement is better than stand-off, but I also have decreasing faith in the ability of certain fellow Americans to substantively engage in political discourse. The unshakable belief that Obama is a Muslim traitor, that FEMA has concentration camps, that Cheetolini is a good businessman don’t augur well for enlightenment.

So what to do? Unfortunately, we’re in that position, where in addition to the rational stuff–peaceful protest followed by actions that impede the growth of the plutocrcay–has to be supplemented by those actions, which is successful, can bring about consequences to those who would rather smite us than compromise us. By “us” I mean the left, the liberals, the progressives, the patriots who repudiate nationalism, those of us who see that we have often failed to live up to our ideals and that to be great we must continually strive to be great.

Who should we target? The list  of states I don’t want to spend my money in grows ever longer. North Carolina seems particularly deserving of being shunned, in light of the recent legislative coup attempt by losers who refuse to accept the outcome of an election. Mississippi? A perennial target, and as long as it continues to glorify the Confederacy, it’s certainly worth avoiding on my list of potential convention sites. (On the other hand, I’ve never been to Mississippi, and I hardly know anyone who has ever visited there, so it’s not like they’ll notice my absence.)

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North Dakota, for the governor’s fascist response to peaceful, unarmed protest? Wyoming, for choosing Lucifer’s spawn for their one congressperson?

Naaah, I’m going for the Big Cheese. Yup, Wisconsin. America’s Former Dairyland.

I am picking Wisconsin as the state to avoid, boycott, shun, shame and otherwise put to the bottom of the list.

In a later post, I’ll explain why. But you can guess at one of the reasons…markymunster210

Stupid GropenFuehrer Supporter Quote of the Day:

From Dick Hotopp via Facebook Page “Donald Trump for President”:

The bozo in chief has all our carriers in port. Pre planned war before Trump takes over? You Americans who support that black bastard you call president need to have your heads examined.

And by the way:

We love you, Meryl Streep.


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