Stupid GropenFuehrer Supporter Quote of the Day

Courtesy of Doug Burttram on Facebook (regarding Guantanamo): “Obama wants his Muslim brothers out so they can kill more Americans, what other possible reason would this Muslim loving fool do this?? Think America Obama has done everything in his power to pull America to its knees. Thank God for Trump!!#”

Beware America. Someone with a vote equal to yours (or perhaps more equal if he lives in a less populous state) actually believes this. 

Supporters give us blasphemy and bad syntax in a single post! Very sad!


News Blackout, Day 4, 16 left.

I’m trying to avoid the annoying, and I realize that for the moment the best thing I can do is concentrate on my home and kids, and get ready for the onslaught. Living in MA, my vote doesn’t make a whole lot of difference, so I need to figure out what I can do that will keep the next 4 years from being normalized.

In the meantime, it’s more music. I’ve been reexamining the Prelude and Fugue in F minor from Book II of JS Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier. I’d recommend a performance, but I can’t find one online that I really like.

Here’s Bernie Sanders conducting the choral works (not really).


And it’s only 39 days until pitchers and catchers report.


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